For Candidate


I am not receiving any e-mails from harutaka.

Following explains how to deal with problems regarding e-mails from harutaka.

E-mails from harutaka

You will be receiving e-mails from `no-reply@harutaka` when the company registers you as an applicant.

If you do not receive any e-mails

Your e-mail address may be wrong Please confirm your registered e-mail address. For correction, please contact the company you are applying to.
no-reply@harutaka.jp is sorted into junk folder Please check your junk or spam folder and mark as "Not Junk" 
Inbox is full Please check your account storage and ask the company you are applying to to resend the e-mail.

If the problem is not yet solved

Please prepare a different e-mail address and contact the company you are applying to.