For Candidate


"Camera" is shown as error during Online Interview's connection test.

Following explains how to solve "camera" error during connection test.

  1. Check the settings of your device and browser
  2. To check/change the camera settings, please refer to the following websites:

    If you are using a smartphone or tablet:
    Android devices:
    ※Update the settings for 'Google Chrome'.

    Google Chrome Help: 'Use your camera & microphone'

    iPhone, iPad (iOS devices):
    ※Update the settings for 'Safari' in your device settings.

    Go to Settings > Safari > Camera and select 'Allow' or 'Ask'

    If you are using a computer: ※Update the settings for your device and browser.
    For Windows:

    ・Device: Microsoft Support 'Manage app permissions for your camera in Windows'
    ・Browser: Google Chrome Help 'Use your camera & microphone'

    For Mac:

    ・Device: Apple Support 'Control access to the camera on Mac'
    ・Browser: 'Google Chrome' Help 'Use your camera & microphone'

  3. Switch the camera access settings from off to on
  4. Even if there are no issues with the camera settings, please attempt to switch it off and then back on.

  5. Close any other apps or web pages
  6. There may be instances where the camera is being used by other apps or web pages. Please close any unused apps or web pages.

  7. If above methods do not solve the issue
  8. Please try the following steps if the problem persists.

    • Clear the cache of your browser.
    • Close and restart your browser.
    • Restart your device.