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How do I enable virtual background for Online Interview?
harutaka allows you to set up a virtual background for Online Interview.

How to set up

Before interview starts
  1. After accessing the interview URL, complete connection confirmation test and check the privacy policy.
  2. Select "Start Live" and Settings will appear.
  3. Click [Change Background] button to select a background.
During interview
※Changing settings during the interview is only available on PC.
  1. Select the [Settings] button on the live screen to display the Settings screen.
  2. Click [Change Background] button and select a background.

Points of attention when using virtual background

Setting the background may overload the device. Please make sure that your device specifications and network speed are sufficient before setting virtual background. harutaka has white and blurred backgrounds as default. You may upload an image up to 3MB if you want to use your own background. May upload up to 3 images. If you want to disable the virtual background, click [Change Background] buttton and select [Hide Background].