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What network environment is recommended?

harutaka requires a stable Internet connection.

Recommended network environment

Wi-Fi environment is recommended for both PCs and smartphones. If connection is not stable when using a PC, please consider a wired connection. When using a cellular carrier (4G LTE), please check whether watching online video is stable.

Recommended internet speed

harutaka recommends 10Mbps or higher for both download and upload speeds. If the speed is lower than 10Mbps, video and audio quality may be poor.

4G LTE回線
3G 回線×

How to check internet speed

  1. Search for "speed test" in your browser. The search results will be displayed.
  2. Click/tap on "Run Speed Test" displayed at the top. The Internet speed test will start and the result of the speed test will be displayed.

<Approximate communication speed>
20Mbps for carrier communication (4G LTE), 40Mbps for home use pocket Wifi, and 100-250Mbps for office line.